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The Design Package

We offer a service that is second to none, incorporating basic principles that every client should expect such as:

what's included in the package

Design Considerations

We will examine the drawings provided for quotation and advise of any areas that require further design clarification from the architect/client. This document forms an integral part of our quotation and is provided in order that items identified can be addressed at the earliest stage possible to aid the design & build process.

Correct First Time

We check all items before they are issued. It is a fact, that giving a proposed timber frame design the respect it deserves will always pay dividends for the manufacture, erection and build of a timber frame structure later on. This encourages with confidence the over all build process and should result in repeat orders.

Lead in times for non standard items

Any non-standard items such as steel post, beams, shoes, large engineered timbers, racking/sheathing,holding down straps and sole-plate anchor fixings, will all be identified at the earliest possible stage so that they can be procured for delivery on time.

Efficient Design

Balancing cost effectiveness with best design principles, this is possible by ensuring the structure is fit for purpose within the manufacturer’s specification.
We advise the adoption of Robust Standard Detailing.

Should the specification or engineering appear to be over and above the accepted norm, this would be flagged up as early as possible in-order to allow informed decisions to be made and any additional costs recouped.

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